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Mitigation Efforts Must Intensify as Winter Sports, Performing Arts Begin

Posted (Wed) November 18, 2020
To play or not to play winter high school sports and other activity programs – that is the decision being considered by state high school associations,... more

High School Coaches, Parents Helping Students to the Finish Line

Posted (Fri) November 13, 2020
The finish line – a familiar image in high school sports and performing arts. The breaking of the tape in a 100-meter dash... more

Tracking Life-Changing Events That Occur in High School Sports, Performing Arts

Posted (Thu) November 5, 2020
Balancing concerns for the physical health of student participants competing in sports and performing arts with the social, emotional and mental health... more

High School Sports Postseason Competition Returns Across Country

Posted (Wed) October 28, 2020
“Going to State” is the mantra of high school sports teams as their seasons begin... more

NFHS Learning Center Releases New Content for Parents, Offers NFHS National Parent Credential

Posted (Tue) October 27, 2020
The National Federation of State High School Associations has announced additional parent-centered content on the NFHS Learning Center, along with the NFHS National Parent Credential certification... more

Communities Nationwide Benefit from High School Sports, Performing Arts

Posted (Wed) October 21, 2020
What seemed improbable in any state several months ago is closing in on the finish line – the successful implementation of fall sports and activities in high schools across the country... more

From Masks to Transfers Across States, High School Sports Have Different Look

Posted (Wed) August 26, 2020
How do we begin to describe the past six months in high school sports and performing arts?... more

HHSAA extends “no contact” period for all workouts and practices through Sept. 13

Posted (Mon) August 17, 2020
The Hawaii High School Athletic Association executive board unanimously approved the extension of the “no-contact period” for the high school sports calendar through Sunday, Sept. 13... more

HHSAA postpones start of moderate and high-risk fall sports

Posted (Wed) August 5, 2020
The Hawaii High School Athletic Association executive board approved by majority vote to postpone the start of moderate- and high-risk fall sports to January 2021... more

Students’ Needs for High School Sports, Performing Arts Drives Decisions to Restart Programs

Posted (Wed) August 5, 2020
As leaders of state high school associations work with government, education and health leaders on a safe return of sports and other activities, some have questioned why those attempts are being made as the COVID-19 pandemic continues... more

Plans to Preserve High School Sports, Performing Arts Continue Amid Pandemic

Posted (Wed) July 29, 2020
The numbers in high school activity programs are staggering – 8 million participants in sports, 4 million students in performing arts, 500,000 coaches and officials and 300 million-plus fans at contests throughout the school year... more

Embracing Change is Crucial in Restarting High School Sports, Performing Arts

Posted (Wed) July 22, 2020
Planning high school sports and performing arts programs as the COVID-19 pandemic continues is the biggest challenge any of our leadership has ever faced... more

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